When I was 14 years old, I was given my very first SLR camera. Shortly after I turned 15, I had the opportunity to be a second photographer at a wedding. I started to get into taking pictures of things here and there, and a few years later, I was sitting in a salon chair explaining a growing fascination with the art of photography. She suggested I start my own photography company, so throwing all caution to the wind, I started a photography business. Voight Photography (then Maxson Photography) was born. 

I love capturing memories. I love moments. A first kiss; a newborn baby; a dance party, but what I love most is the joy I see in the eyes of people when they can look back on these moments. Often times, they find a new perspective on that moment. They see a new perspective of themselves. 

If I can capture a feeling - or an experience - or an emotion that will move you again and again, then I have done what I love to do. My goal is to capture those moments. To freeze them in time. To save that laugh, that smile, that kiss, so that it will always be with you. I love what I see in this world, and I want to share what I see with people around me. I want people to see how beautiful the world really is. 



Voight Photography is a photography company that consists of myself and my my husband, Connor. Together, we want to capture what will move your heart, and then give you the opportunity to experience it over and over again. Connor has been all over the world filming and photographing for different global outreach organizations, and recently we have undertaken a goal to travel the world together and show people in the United States what life is like across the globe, and how beautiful the human race really is. In the past year, we have traveled to Los Angeles, New York, Peru, and Honduras capturing the people and moments that meant the most to us. Next year, we plan to go to Tokyo, Uganda, and Israel helping different churches and humanitarian organizations. We want to bring our world to theirs, as we bring their world back to ours. It's our mission to connect the world to God using the two things He gave us: art and passion.

If you'd like to help support our mission work or if you need a photographer for any kind of event or purpose, drop me an email. Let's have coffee. 


I really like coffee.